Hi. We’re Jimmy and Courtney, a married couple who love travelling together. However,headshot-city-park-muck we have different interests. Courtney enjoys more of the “Inside” pursuits such as arts, culture, shopping and anything food-related. Jimmy is all about things that happen “Outside” from cycling to hiking, camping and rafting. Nothing too crazy – adventures for the average Joe (or Jimmy, in our case).

At first, having different interests while we traveled created some problems – whose “thing” do we do without the other person feeling cheated out of doing what they were interested in? Finally, we acknowledged and accepted each other’s different interests. We decided that sometimes it’s okay to do things separately and then take pleasure in coming back together to share our experiences. And other times, we do each other’s stuff together, content in knowing the other one will have their turn soon.

By being open to travel experiences that blended both Inside and Outside interests, we could see more, do more and expand our horizons – all while travelling together. Inside Outside Travel isn’t just about us, it’s about sharing our experiences with you, readers who can relate to wanting to visit the same destination but maybe disagreeing about what to do while you’re there. We hope our tips and ideas will help you create many happy travel memories together – inside and outside.

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