Savannah – EAT

Cafes, pubs, beer gardens are widespread with a dense concentration along the riverfront and the streets immediately above. Savannah’s food scene is heavy on southern specialties like shrimp ‘n grits, low country rice, sweet potatoes, and there are plenty of all-American favorites. Bread pudding, pies and cobblers are local faves to satisfy your sweet tooth. Don’t stick to your diet – let it go and feast!Savannah-Boars Head Doorway

We loved…

Chic and airy SoHoCafe among the Squares.

Dark and cozy Boar’s Head Grill and Tavern along Riverfront.

Moon River Brewing provided a flower-filled beer garden to enjoy a local craft brew and wait out a rainstorm.

Sipping your favorite alcoholic beverage as you stroll the streets is allowed within a defined central Savannah district. On a hot day, an icy Daiquiri or Pina Colada is a welcome treat; along River St., Wet Willie’s offers a massive variety of boozy concoctions to go. On our visit, the line was so long and chaotic, we detoured to a nearby casual Greek diner, Olympic Café, that also serves up portable frosty booze and with no line.


Check out Savannah’s first distillery since Prohibition, Ghost Coast Distillery, at the edge of the historic district. They offer tours, tastings and merchandise to take home.

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