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Aspen - Mi Chola

Mi Chola’s Chicken Enchilada.

Right on Main Street, Mi Chola helps dispel the myth that every restaurant in Aspen is uber-expensive. For $9.50 on the Lunch Menu, we got a delicious Chicken Enchilada served with rice and beans. The Enchilada had salsa verde, creme, onion, cilantro and pretty, crispy radish sticks on top.

For $12, we loved the Chicken & Chorizo Torta with guacamole, chipotle aioli, lettuce, cheese and pico de gallo. It comes with fries, salad or soup. The day we were there, it was a hearty black bean soup that we picked.

Aspen - Mi Chola

A Mexican Torta from Mi Chola with Chicken, chorizo, cheese and veggies.

The decor of Mi Chola is as good as the food and a lot of fun. With giant murals, glitzy skulls sectioning off the bar and a huge outdoor patio, you feel invigorated and kind of sexy just being there.

Mi Chola is located at 411 E. Main St., Aspen, Colorado.

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