New Orleans – INSIDE

By Courtney, the Insider – 

On our visit in early October, the days grew hot, so Jimmy and I enjoyed hours together roaming the streets, marketplaces and riverfront. But as they say, it’s not the heat but the humidity… So when it got too steamy, we headed inside to recover.

We didn’t discover the FREE museums and historic homes of The New Orleans Collection until the last day – Jimmy and I agreed it would have been an ideal place to start our visit! The location on 533 Royal Street, in a beautifully restored old residence, offers an introduction to New Orleans’ complex and rich history. Fascinating!

Nearby, across from the east end of the French Market, is The New Orleans Jazz Museum at the U.S. Mint. Incredibly, these excellent small museums are also FREE! If you’re a jazz lover, as we are, this is a must see as is nearby Preservation Hall. (These CDs will get you in the spirit of New Orleans Style Music and jazz at Preservation Hall.)

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Far on the other side of downtown is the National WWII Museum: plan at least half a day to visit this massive and impressive treasure trove of American history.

Part inside, part outside, the French Market is a blast to explore. TIP: If you forgot to buy a hat in advance, get one now in the marketplace!


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