Charleston – EXPERIENCES

The countryside around Charleston and south to Savannah is known as the Low Country . A place where the land and sea and sky all meld, without clear delineation between solid and fluid. A unique culture called Gullah exists here, harkening back to the enslaved Africans who were brought here, and who stayed after emancipation. Picturesque, with a unique sense of place, the Low Country teems with wildlife making it a fascinating place to birdwatch and kayak or canoe the marshes and tidal waters.


Only eight miles from central Charleston in Mt. Pleasant is Boone Hall, a very popular historic plantation. The entry fee ($20 on our visit) sounds high, but is all-inclusive and you can easily spend hours here. The dramatic entry lane of massive oak trees draped with Spanish moss is a beautiful highlight. The row of shacks named Slave Street shocks the soul, testament to the historical realities of this otherwise beautiful destination. Reconciling the beauty with the reality of enslaved humans is haunting.

Other nearby notable plantations include: Drayton Hall (the oldest intact plantation house), and Magnolia Gardens (magnificent landscaped grounds) .

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