St. Louis – OUTSIDE

By Jimmy, the Outsider – 

Exploring St. Louis’ history is a great way to spend time outside, walking around, exploring.


History everywhere you look in Ste. Genevieve. Take a guided tour and learn the inspiring stories of the people who built these homes and the lives they lived in them.

Saint Genevieve – In an area where 80% of the residents are of French descent, the present and the past merge in this French settlement community. Learn about the area’s fascinating history through tours and just walking around. Everything is beautifully-preserved. Standing in the very rooms people stood in so long ago, hearing about their lives, it’s very humbling.


Stroll the bricked streets in St. Charles, enjoying the shopping scene. But also look around and see all of the old-time architecture.

Saint Charles Historic District – It’s easy to imagine Daniel Boone having lived here and Lewis and Clark having stopped here. Take a charming trolley along the rumbly brick-paved streets learning more about Missouri’s oldest and largest historic district. In fact, St. Charles was founded in 1769, and was the state’s first capital. The businesses certainly honor the area’s historic past. But there is a nice mix of very modern businesses in and amongst the historic.

In addition to walking its historic areas, St. Louis also offers plenty of adventure outdoors with 87 state parks and historic sites (like above), the Mark Twain National Forest, the Ozark National Scenic Riverways and the 240-mile Katy Trail (America’s longest rail-to-trail conversion).

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