Come along with us! To learn more about each destination, click on the image to open up a portfolio of brief, helpful articles about that spot. You’ll always find our suggestions for where to travel (INSIDE) and (OUTSIDE), plus where to dine (EAT), find lodging (SLEEP) and how to get around (GO).

New Orleans

New Orleans. Utterly unique, unforgettable, unlike any other American city. Bawdy and brash, refined and elegant, a city of extremes. Saturated with music, great food and history. Come with us as we explore the Big Easy – Inside and Outside!


Hear “Aspen, Colorado” and images of celebrities dressed in furry jackets, lavish parties and ski bunnies come to mind. In other words, big money and glitz! As budget-conscious types, we went in, challenging the town to be affordable and still wonderful. Turns out, “real folks” can enjoy good times, comfy lodging, and great food in unforgettable Aspen!


Phoenix’s treasures unfolded for us during a three day trip. From a burgeoning foodie scene (especially the agritourism movement), to one-of-a-kind museums to landscapes and plant life that are whimsical and stunning, Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun surprised and delighted.    

St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri, revels in its rich history but celebrates what’s modern, all at the same time, and sometimes in the same place. Come along, meet us in “Saint Louie”! Read all about our trip to St. Louis, starting here.


We came to Savannah like many Yankees – a bit ignorant of the important role this city has played in American history. We left this fascinating place humbled by her history, awestruck by her beauty and hungry for more time to savor her treasures. Commanding a bluff above the Low Country, Savannah’s Colonial and Civil … Continue reading Savannah


A stop on Route 66 for cheap eats and bare bones motels. A less glamorous runner-up to chic Santa Fe. A city with a meth and gang problem, portrayed in Breaking Bad. Albuquerque’s pop culture image overshadows a complex and vibrant history that may go underappreciated. Founded by the Spanish over 300 years ago, Native … Continue reading Albuquerque

Santa Fe

For centuries before the European invasion, first nations ingeniously built cultures that lived as one with nature in an unforgiving but magnificent land of high mesas, valleys, extinct volcanoes and dry arroyos. Where the great Rocky Mountains call it quits, nestled amidst the splendor of a raw and magnificent landscape, La Villa Real de Santa … Continue reading Santa Fe


An elegant seaside village with narrow cobbled lanes, gracious architecture of ornate wrought iron, flickering gas lamps, stately mansions with tiered side porches poking up above lush tropical greenery… Charleston, South Carolina. Enchanting and complex – its heart-breaking past includes America’s Civil War starting in her Bay, and enslaved peoples from Africa in painful shackles being bought and … Continue reading Charleston