St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri, revels in its rich history but celebrates what’s modern, all at the same time, and sometimes in the same place. Come along, meet us in “Saint Louie”!


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St. Louis – INSIDE

By Courtney, The Insider – St. Louis in the “show me” state of Missouri does just that with plenty of opportunities to get to know the city’s long and rich history. Here are some highlights of “Inside” things to do that help you get to know St. Louis: The Gateway Arch – probably THE most … Continue reading St. Louis – INSIDE

St. Louis – OUTSIDE

By Jimmy, the Outsider –  Exploring St. Louis’ history is a great way to spend time outside, walking around, exploring. Saint Genevieve – In an area where 80% of the residents are of French descent, the present and the past merge in this French settlement community. Learn about the area’s fascinating history through tours and … Continue reading St. Louis – OUTSIDE

St. Louis – EAT

Not only is there good food in St. Louis, there’s history behind the food. Food is tradition and culture in St. Louis and the best way to experience that is by taking a food tour. EAT St. Louis takes you on a three hour walking tour around The Hill, a neighborhood famous for its Italian cuisine. … Continue reading St. Louis – EAT

St. Louis – SLEEP

There are plenty of affordable options to rest your head when in St. Louis. Two of them are casinos which shouldn’t be discounted if you aren’t a gambler. We’re not gamblers but it’s like a little glimpse into a different world to go there. The River City Casino and Hotel, for instance, is like a … Continue reading St. Louis – SLEEP

St. Louis – Spotlight

Campbell House Museum provides a glimpse of the Gilded Age in St. Louis. Built in 1851 in the elegant Lucas Place neighborhood, Campbell House now sits in the midst of the city that has built up around it. Still, loyal curators of the multi-level home work hard to maintain its integrity – literal and figurative. … Continue reading St. Louis – Spotlight

St. Louis – Picture Perfect

Enjoy a few more pictures from this memorable city in America’s heartland!   To read all about our experiences in St. Louis, just click here.